Monday, August 26, 2013

Warn before quitting

Sounds like a great tip for startups right? Especially when I see Gen-Y's failing out of a business after giving it a few weeks concerted concentration :)

Well...this post is for programmers.

If you are bashing away at keyboards on OS/X, then you will be intimately familiar with:

  • ⌘ W
  • ⌘ Q

But the bummer is they are adjacent on the (non Dvorak) keyboard. For old-timers like me the neural pathways get crossed when keystroking at high velocities (I only have 22 Chrome tabs, 4 Safari tabs, 14 Terminal tabs open at the moment) and you get to kill your Chrome before the brain knows.

So here is the solution:

Warn before Quitting is your friend.

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