Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog post linking to Buzz

Normally folks post a blog entry and then broadcast in Twitter. So I thought I'd try it the other way round for Buzz. Here is my recent Buzz Post

What is interesting is this picture that demonstrates what Buzz delivers.
--->>> PRIVACY CONTROLS <<<--- (I wish I could bring back the blinking font)
I don't follow all the social media players, but I've only see have a crack at allowing people to post to private groups simply, easily and in an naturally intuitive manner. Facebook and Twitter just couldn't be bothered giving the granularity, instead they betray their users in relentless pursuit of "network effect".

Buzz changes the game here - I can now post:

  • just to my family
  • just to my friends
  • or public
and as opposed to the requiring you redefine your contacts, Buzz just leverages Google Contacts.

Google Contacts was the killer app all along, unsexy, under-rated but at the center of how we define our personal relationships. You know it makes sense.