Thursday, October 14, 2010

Startup Metrics for Convicts

Yesterday Matt Barrie, CEO of and asked me to do a fill-in guest lecture for Technology Venture Creation (ELEC5701) course at Sydney University.

So, because the web is already cluttered with a bajillion posts, articles, platitudes and opinions on startups I thought I'd make some comments on the uniquely Australian perspective. Having started and been involved in a few startups bootstrapped from Australia - its worth sharing some tips and traps that might help young aussie entrepreneurs thinking they have a global product/company.
Most aussies know that the convict thing is a convenient ice-breaker in offshore conversations, so I've called the presentation "Startup Metrics for Convicts" in homage/rip-off of Dave McClure's "pirates" talks. Sorry, its a bit rough - I was short on time.