Friday, November 12, 2010

dialling back the security stuff (Change of blog title)

Internet security is still the wild-west - and will be for a long time. Mobile internet security will likely make the O.K. Corral look like an episode of Neighbours:
  • all that geo-location stuff
  • real-time elements is a new window of opportunity
  • The belief that Sandboxing (of phone apps) and app review solves personal security is a delusion - it just shifts the goalposts - moves the problem up the stack.
Its good to see some solutions emerging to "out" applications that may (err) leak personal data from phones but at the same time social networks and search giants are squeezing everything but your banking password out of you (unless its your dogs name or your first car). Consumers are the meat in a data theft sandwich.

In summary, lets just say "security is a feature". As people building solutions for the web and mobile, security patterns and practices need to be builtin - not as a premature optimisation but as a trust element for the communities of users and their data.

From a consumer perspective - we still need the "internet drivers licence" but I'll do that next week :)

That said, I want to use this blog for more topics than security - to "dial back" the security tone. There are plenty of great sources - both corporate and independent - not so many for web fraud and community trust/reputation, I will still likely post some here but probably do more via work channels or just social streams.

So I've renamed this blog - simple and a little ironic.

Just for my own record, this is what the old blog intro text said:

"Trust me, I'm a dog" is homage to the apocryphal and naive 1993 cartoon. Identity, trust, reputation are the cornerstone of basic human relationships, but on the web its broken.
Also writing about my experiences as start-up Founder, CEO, CTO in Palo Alto and Sydney.

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