Sunday, August 15, 2010

test post from blog-droid

Just experimenting with various android apps for quick blog posting - specifically I'm looking for a sort of a posterous "hit and run" experience - most of the apps don't seem to publish to draft and thats a bit befuddling because quite often you want to tidy up or format something later.

Blogeroid, AndroBlogger, Blogger-droid all have this deficiency.

Blogaway looked really promising but keeps crashing on "Edit". Further, once you post as a "draft", you can't re-edit or even view the draft!

I'll keep sussing it out. This is triggered from Android's excellent "Share" menu option on most applications but mostly RSS Readers and Browser - most days I share to:
- work or gmail (to tell someone something specific)
- Google Buzz (which ends up in Twitter and Facebook)
- gTasks (which syncs with Google Tasks - for me to followup later)
The Google Buzz is getting the "shares" that I should be belting into this blog post. That must stop.

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