Monday, August 16, 2010

Book: Building Web Reputation Systems

Good Guy Reputation, Bad Guy Reputation, Product Reputation, Company Reputation, Expertise Reputation and the list goes on and on......

As a real-time fraud detection company, one component of our solution is a dynamic reputation system that supports both automated and "asserted" data to build the reputation. Over the last few years social networks have completely exploded the number of reputational ecosystems and also inspired the ingenuity of people/groups that game those systems.

Alisdair pointed me at a new book thats definitely worth a read. Its at and Building Web Reputation Systems - O'Reilly Media.

  • Commerce (buying online, banking online, paying from my phone), relationships (social, dating, meetups, knowledge, punditry) and even products (music, apps, videos, memberships etc) are become increasingly virtual.
  • The fullfillment is also irresistibly micropayment (mega volumes of $1-$5 purchases) via methods like Apple Appstore, Android Market, SocialGold, Facebook Credits, BillToMobile etc etc.
This confluence drives a greater need for every site builder to understand the reputational elements that drives value in their site and not to just rely on FaceBook "Likes". New recommendation engines like Blippy say something about the purchase and something about the purchaser - it feels like reputation is just at the beginning - and I still have trouble finding a good plumber.....

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