Thursday, October 14, 2010

Startup Metrics for Convicts

Yesterday Matt Barrie, CEO of and asked me to do a fill-in guest lecture for Technology Venture Creation (ELEC5701) course at Sydney University.

So, because the web is already cluttered with a bajillion posts, articles, platitudes and opinions on startups I thought I'd make some comments on the uniquely Australian perspective. Having started and been involved in a few startups bootstrapped from Australia - its worth sharing some tips and traps that might help young aussie entrepreneurs thinking they have a global product/company.
Most aussies know that the convict thing is a convenient ice-breaker in offshore conversations, so I've called the presentation "Startup Metrics for Convicts" in homage/rip-off of Dave McClure's "pirates" talks. Sorry, its a bit rough - I was short on time.


  1. As one of the students at the Tech Venture Course I just wanted to say thanks for the guest lecture! It was positively insightful and certainly different to see it with so many references to the Australian point of view.

  2. Thanks and hope you applied for Startmate ;)