Friday, October 9, 2009

Are nigerian scams also getting money for identity theft?

Another day, another nigerian scam - here is a fresh one but lets have a look at what the victims are asked to provide.

Sure this helps the scammer for later on, but is this info also being sold and stored to other maintaining a global database of stolen identities?
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Graham Ingram, Head of AusCERT thinks so, he is probably right - he has been warning people throughout 2009 they have seen evidence of such. After all, its not hard to imaging: for years: spamming lists have been bought, traded, swapped - so you can bet bad guys are mining information and taking ID Theft to the next level.
Folks from Auscert will be at Queensland Police Identity Theft Symposium this week (12th-14th Oct), here a link.

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